Active Learning – Passive Teaching

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The ibook as the interactive textbook opens to

Active Learning:

  • the student works and learns and develops
  • the students writes his/her own ibooks as records of learning.

Passive Teaching:

  • the teacher is relieved from elementary routine instruction
  • the teacher can concentrate on higher level tasks such as:
  • encouragement and motivation
  • writing ibooks
  • non-routine instruction.

To write an ibook is like writing a blog by collection text, images, videos and sound to present information and message. You are now reading a blog which is an ibook, with a message and with information.

Everybody can now write a blog and thus an ibook. Teachers can. Students can. This opens revolutionary new possibilities for active learning by the student, and passive teaching freeing the teacher from routine to higher-level tasks.

Recall that traditional teaching with one lecturer speaking to a large audience of students is characterized by:

  • Active Teaching: the teacher keeps speaking, writing, walking, shouting, sweating…
  • Passive Learning: students sleep, play computer games or talk about the party last night.


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  1. leslie

    Can anyone read the 3rd and 4th levels under passive learning. I can’t read them

    • JP

      i think it’s the same as the diagram in this link:

  2. JP

    like this

  3. Mark

    Google “Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience” for the root source of the pyramid graphic. And please note that the percentages indicated above, while seemingly correct, have no basis in research or fact.

  4. LeenLief volgt PDV linked to this post.

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