Welcome to the Digital World: MST

  • Education is an admirable thing, but is is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. (Oscar Wilde)
  • By denying scientific principles, one may maintain any paradox. (Galileo)

An Important Decision

Congratulations: You have decided to follow a Bachelors/Masters/PhD program in mathematics, computer science, science, engineering, economics or some other field using mathematics. This is a very important decision which will form your coming professional life as a scientist, engineer, innovator, teacher, writer, scholar, businessman, manager, administrator…

Or you are a free student seeking a free education on the web, where you can freely choose your own way through the jungle of different courses in different subjects in different areas. You may belong to those who seek knowledge before prestige (while acknowledging that prestige comes along with knowledge). You are a student of the information age.

The role of education is to give you a platform and mental tool-bag allowing you to access and analyze new information and solve problems, in short to make the world better by better understanding the world, by using mathematics. Remember that “understanding” in science and technology effectively means “mathematical understanding”in the sense that different relations are expressed in quantitative form in terms of mathematical formulas and numbers.

Welcome to BodyandSoul MST

Welcome to the BodyandSoul Mathematical Simulation Technology program (MST). The basic idea is to combine the brain/soul with the computational power of the computer, with the objective of simulating real and imagined phenomena.

MST is a new mathematics education program starting off from the BodyandSoul Project combining classical analytical mathematics with the computational mathematics of the new information age.

This is a first version testing in particular interactive features of the

Symbolic and Digital Computational Mathematics

Symbolic mathematics (formulas) is soul and computational mathematics (digital computation by computer)is body, and together they form a very powerful tool for understanding and controling the real World, and to construct virtual worlds.

The World is complex, but seemingly governed by simple principles expressed in formulas such as Newton’s 2nd Law F=ma with F force, m mass and a acceleration.

In principle, everything there is can be seen as material particles interacting by forces. Newton’s 2nd Law connects particle motion to force by expressing that particle acceleration is proportional to force, and from accelleration you get velocity and from velocity you get position, by summation over many time steps, and from position you get force.

And so the World goes around from one moment of time to the next, time step after time step…

So by letting the computer do the summation, you can simulate particles interacting by forces, that is the World, if you can formulate the basic principles as formulas.

Elementary but profound! According to Leibniz principle of the Best World as the most complex world governed by the most simple principles!

Body = Computational Math + Soul = Symbolic Math

I hope you are now ready to explore the real and virtual World. Remember that

  • Soul is principle formulated as formula.
  • Body is digital computation according to the formula.

Let’s now start our work!

The Secret Behind the Surface

Here is how it works: Behind the skin there are particles connected by elastic springs interacting by Newtons 2nd Law:

What It’s All About: 1 and 2 and 3


Simulation technology is developing exponentially in medicine, research, technology, sports andentertainment, and will revolutionize education. Here are some glimpses:

To Browse



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