MST Welcomes Chalmers Students

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The BodyandSoul mathematics education reform program was offered to chemistry students at Chalmers 1998 – 2006, but was disrupted when Claes Johnson moved from Chalmers to KTH in 2007.

BodyandSoul is now returning to Chalmers as its web version MST appearing as supplementary material in the mathematics program for mechanical and design engineering students.

MST thus welcomes Chalmers students with the hope of opening a window to the wonderful world of simulation on the web constructed by computational mathematics.

MST is being developed for the quickly expanding MOOC market which is bringing revolutionary changes to education, in particular to education in mathematics, science and engineering.

MST is banned at KTH which gives Chalmers students the opportunity to acquire specialist competence which is hard currency on the job market: What is asked for is unique knowledge and skill and not what everyone knows. The more MST is banned at KTH, the more the interest in MST at Chalmers may increase.

But MOOC and MST will eventually break the walls also at KTH, and so it is better for Chalmers students to now hurry up into the new brave world of mathematical simulation technology.

But the prospects for MST at Chalmers are after closer inspection, not so clear:

but the wheel turns and tomorrow is a new day with new students eager to learn the tricks of the trade.

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