The industrial society delivering goods to the many billions of people of the Earth is based on

  • automated production of material goods

The digital society now transforming human life is based on 

  • automated digital computation as DigiMat combining the brain power of  symbolic mathematics with the machine power of the computer. 

DigiMat as mathematics education for the digital society takes you far beyond the limitations of traditional mathematics education without the computer,  in an open variable program for all students with varying interests and capacities.  

The constructive aspect of DigiMat in particular copes with the inherent difficulties of symbolic mathematics bogging down traditional math education and leaving many students with negative experiences in many cases lasting through life.

FEniCS is software automating the translation of a mathematical model in the form of a system of differential equations into computer code allowing the system to be solved by digital computation.  FEniCS opens new possibilities of simulation of real and imagined world phenomena. FEniCS is an expression of the basic aspect of DigiMat of automated simulation.

Automated Production


Leibniz: Automated Computation
FEniCS: Automated Discretisation of Differential Equations