I am convinced that the unwritten knowledge scattered among men of different callings surpasses in quantity and in importance anything we find in books, and that the greater part of our wealth has yet to be recorded. (Leibniz)

Basic Text:

Parts of MST:

  1. Icarus and Daedalus
  2. Newton’s World of Mechanics
  3. World of Games
  4. Leibniz’ World of Calculus
  5. Descartes’ World of Analytic Geometry
  6. Toolbags
  7. Sessions
  8. World of Differential Equations
  9. World of Finite Elements
  10. World of Simulation
  11. 1D Calculus
  12. MultiD Calculus
  13. Canon of PDEs
  14. Analytic Functions
  15. Fourier Analysis
  16. Brain Storm

If you download The Book or Parts and open with Acrobat, their hyperlinks will be active.

Body and Soul: Applied Mathematics

More Books (to browse):



Abbas Ibn Firnas taking off from the Mosque Tower in Cordoba in year 852. Are you ready for take-off?

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