Age of Computer Games

The Information Age can be viewed as the age of Computer Games with a game viewed as an interaction between a set of players according to a given set of rules with the purpose of winning the game according to a certain measure, and a computer game a game supported by computers, which may also act as players.

The interaction between the players of a game results from cause-effect feed-back, where the action of one player at a given moment in time is followed by a reaction of another player. This is the ping-pong feed-back of table-tennis or tennis, with two players alternating to hit the ball (followed by alternating head-twists left-right by the spectators).


Games have shown to attract the minds of many people and young people in particular, by a combination of feed-back and competition, which keeps the interest so effectively that addiction is a real danger.

Educational Games by Interactive Simulation:

Today,  computer games open new possibilities in learning by contributing the most essential aspect in all learning: feed-back. Learning is basically trial-and-error and trial-and-error involves feed-back. In the traditional school system with one teacher serving many students, this is a very limited resource which degrades the efficiency.

Interactive simulation allows the user to give input upon output from the simulation, that is to give and receive feed-back, and thus opens to formation of a large variety of new educational games increasing learning efficiency.

MST teaches interactive simulation and thus can be described as

  • a computer game with the objective of learning the art of constructing computer games.

In particular MST teaches:

  • the art of constructing computer games with realistic physics.

with realistic physics including:

  • 3D fluid-structure interaction
  • fluid: turbulent, air, water,
  • complex structure: elastic, plastic, viscous, contact
  • electromagnetics, gravitation,…,

You find more aspects as

as sports games:

or as adventure games:

MST Games

  1. Pong 1D
  2. Angry Math Birds 
  3. Pong 2D, 3D…

All MST Games

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