Human Mind vs Computer

The human mind is good at forming principles, methods and schemes expressing understanding or intelligence, but is poor at performing digital computation. The computer has the opposite strength and weakness: Very good at digital computation but poor in understanding.

But the combination human mind + computer has unlimited power.

One may compare understanding the principles of soccer game, which is easy for the human mind, and actually playing the game, which is very difficult.

Fourth Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu (often Hellenized as “Cheops”) got the idea to build a pyramid as a tomb for himself and commissioned an expert engineer to design

as expresssions of the human mind or soul. The pyramid was built by slaves over a period of 10-20 years as expression of body:

Similarly, the human mind can tell what to do and how in the digital society, and the computer will do the work in:

  • the digital age as expression of man-computer or soul-body

as the next step from

  • the industrial age as expression of man-machine.

The digital age now takes another step into artificial intelligence AI with the through massive data/computation develops new forms of understanding or intelligence. The combination of human and artificial intelligence opens new doors for humankind into unknown territory of machine learning and deep learning.