Welcome to Mathematical Simulation Technology as a new extended webversion of the BodyandSoul mathematics education program. To get an overview of basic ideas, problems and questions in a gentle introduction, you are invited to go through the following list (in successive order to get the logic right):

  1. Welcome to the Digital World: MST
  2. Your Studies
  3. Follow the Map
  4. Active Learning – Passive Teaching
  5. The Interactive Text Book
  6. iLearning and iTeaching as iDucation
  7. Video Introduction 1
  8. Video Introduction 2
  9. Video Intro 3: Mathematics – IT (in Swedish)
  10. Video Intro 4: Listen to Euler!
  11. Video Intro 5: New Theory of Flight
  12. Video Intro 6: D’Alembert’s Paradox
  13. Video Intro 7: Milestone of Mathematical Simulation
  14. Space and Time
  15. Time Stepping Newton’s Laws of Motion
  16. Star Trek as Scientific Simulation
  17. Soul as Simulation of Body
  18. Constructive vs Symbolic Calculus


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