BodyandSoul Interaction with Reality (according to Descartes and DigiMat)

There is nothing in the understanding which has not come from the senses, except the understanding itself, or the one who understands. (Leibniz)

To enter into DigiMat World, recall


Go to Get Started and then dig into Educational Material in header menu starting with

to prepare for (with the help of JavaScript Workshop):

which will open the door for you to construct-simulate-predict-understand-control the World.

You get guidance by following Sessions.

For more perspective, browse the following earlier sites to be migrated into this site:

Reflect over Automation.


  • Less is more (in coding).
  • Simplicity is beautiful.
  • Be confident: Mathematics can be understood. The World can be understood.
  • Be confident: Your code will sooner or later work.
  • Be confident: What you want to construct, you can construct.

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