JavaScript Workshop

  • The Calculus ratiocinator is a theoretical universal logical calculation framework, a concept described in the writings of Leibniz as a universal conceptual language.

A leading principle of DigiMat is to construct all mathematical objects by computation using a small set of basic mathematical operations, which can be expressed in short codes to produce rich output.

This means that even a very small bag of programming tools carries a long way as concerns the basic mathematics. You can thus expand your coding skills gradually as needs arise in e g design and coding of computer games based on mathematics.

You can use any browser supported scripting programming language, such as python, Lua and JavaScript.

Codea is a userfriendly iPad app for game development based on Lua, which is used on the alternative site DigiMat Basic (English) and DigiMat Basic (Swedish).

The code examples in DigiMat use Javascript with the userfriendly web editor p5js supported by a very useful Reference and source of Examples for guidance and inspiration at Showcase.

Here is what you need to get started:

with more material at