MST as Multiphysics

Multiphysics is an new scientific discipline combining elements of

  1. fluid dynamics
  2. solid mechanics
  3. quantum mechanics
  4. molecular dynamics
  5. thermodynamics
  6. acoustics
  7. electromagnetics
  8. gravitation
  9. chemical reaction

in simulation of realistic complex physics on the whole range of scales from atomistic to cosmological scales.

Weather and climate represent complex multiphysics, and e.g. the human body.

MST teaches a general methodology for mathematical modeling and computational simulation of complex phenomena and thus can be described as Computational Multiphysics. The MTS general methodology can be described by the following code words:

  • unified continuum model
  • space-time finite elements
  • duality based adaptive error control
  • automation of:
  • modeling, discretization, meshing, solution, error control, parallelization.


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