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Video Introduction 2

1. Learn about Pythagoras-gate, Matrix, Google and Digital Age.. 2. Watch Computational Technology Laboratory TV: 3. Go to Video Intro 3 Advertisements

Video Introduction 1

Here is the first in a series of videos introducing basic concepts, methods, tools and visions of Mathematical Simulation Technology in a short presentation of constructive calculus: Summary: Constructive calculus is classical calculus restricted by the limits of finite precision computation and augmented by the new capacities of automated computation by the computer. In constructive calculus, the elementary […]

Welcome to the Digital World: MST

Education is an admirable thing, but is is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. (Oscar Wilde) By denying scientific principles, one may maintain any paradox. (Galileo) An Important Decision Congratulations: You have decided to follow a Bachelors/Masters/PhD program in mathematics, computer science, science, engineering, economics or […]

Your Studies

The course you are now about to start gives you a chance to acquaint yourself with a new mathematics education motivated by the revolutionary changes of science and technoloogy brought by the computer, IT, Internet and Google. The Success of Google: How? Google is founded on a mathematical search algorithm using the singular value decomposition of a matrix. Is Google […]

Follow the Map

After browsing the posts under Introduction you are ready to go to the Map of the main menu. You should also take a look at CTLabTV.

Active Learning – Passive Teaching

The ibook as the interactive textbook opens to Active Learning: the student works and learns and develops the students writes his/her own ibooks as records of learning. Passive Teaching: the teacher is relieved from elementary routine instruction the teacher can concentrate on higher level tasks such as: encouragement and motivation writing ibooks non-routine instruction. To […]

The Interactive Text Book

Since the digital CD has replaced the analog vinyl record, it is natural to expect that the digital ebook will replace the analog printed book, and this is in fact already happening. But how long will the CD and the ebook last? The CD has already largely been replaced by iTunes and iTunes is now […]

iLearning and iTeaching as iDucation

Steve Jobs next goal after revolutionizing the music industry (iPod), telecom (iPhone), bookmarket (iBook), was to do something similar in education as iDucation with active iLearning and efficient iTeaching.  One component is iBook Author inviting both teachers and students to write books to teach and to learn. The revolution has already started with an iPad to […]

Space and Time

We start with the intuitive ideas of space and time we all have: We perceive that everthing there is in the physical world, has a place in some form of big container with three independent directions, which we call space. We further experience that things can change shape and position in space, the rate of which we measure using clocks recording time by periodic motion.   […]

Time Stepping Newton’s Laws of Motion

Newton’s Laws of Motion: 1st Law: In the absence of a net force, a body either is at rest or moves in a straight line with constant speed. 2nd Law: A body experiencing a force F experiences an acceleration a related to F by F = ma, where m is the mass of the body. […]