Session 0

Enter DigiMat World

Sign up for an account at p5.js. Open the p5.js web editor. Type your first code by adding (after the line background(220);) the line

  • print(“Hello DigiMat World”);

Run program by arrow top left and see result (on console). Add the line

  • text(“Hello DigiMat World”,200,200);

run code and inspect screen. Congratulate yourself to having written your first p5.js code which will open a whole DigiMat World to you! (check code if something went wrong, be careful to get the correct “)

You can skip this and go back to Get Started to return later:

Next, see how to add an image: Under Sketch Add Folder add images. Under Sketch Files images Upload File drag image file. Then inspect Display Image to see how to make the image appear on the screen. Play with your own images, position/size of image.

In any case, go back to Get Started.