Here is a list of Sessions (to be filled with more examples) inviting students to exploration of mathematical modeling supported by computation/coding, as an additional source supplementing Basics and Model Workshops. A Help Desk will be added as assistance. Start with Enter DigMat World and Pre-School Sessions.

  1. Natural numbers: Size, Amount
  2. Digital and Analog Clock
  3. Real vs Hyper-Real Newtonian Mechanics
  4. Why It is Possible to Fly
  5. Arithmetics: Theory and Computation
  6. Geometric Series
  7. Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
  8. Elementary Functions
  9. Newton’s Mechanics
  10. Fluid Mechanics
  11. Elastic Mechanics
  12. Electromagnetics
  13. Divergence Theorem

Compare with the Sessions of Body and Soul in a setting with Matlab codes instead of p5.js (no big deal).