Students construct mathematics and the World step by step by programming.
  • The education is able to do anything: it makes the bears dance. (Leibniz)
  • Mathematics is like checkers (game) in being suitable for the young, not too difficult, amusing, and without peril to the state. (Plato)
  • No old Men (excepting Dr. Wallis) love Mathematics. (Newton)

School mathematics is supposed to reflect the current professional role and use of mathematics in society. Standard school mathematics of today largely reflects a society before the digital age and so does not fill its role.

DigiMat School is mathematics education for the Digital World serving

  1. School mathematics.
  2. Teachers continued education.
  3. Basic university level.
  4. Preparation for DigiMat Pro.

The objective of DigiMat School is to open doors for minds of both girls and boys into the world of mathematics of the digital society based on mathematics + programming, to

  1. Describe the World (counting, coordinates, differential equations/Calculus).
  2. Simulate and Predict the World (solve differential equations by computation).
  3. Understand and Control the World (synthesis of 1 + 2).

The code words of DigiMat serving as keys to the doors, are given in parentheses. You will find that behind the doors opens a rich World full of possibilities.

DigMat is constructive mathematics where all mathematical objects are constructed by computation specified by symbolic mathematics as computer programs executed by computers. Object properties/rules follow by construction.

A leading principle is short computer programs based on mathematical principles with rich output by computation (recall genetic code).

DigiMat starts early with text programming (in the user-friendly p5.js web editor) instead of using visual-based programming such as Scratch. This is because text programming is very close to mathematics and the objective of the programming is mathematics (with simple logic), rather than telling stories with Scratch (with complex logic).

DigiMat as constructive mathematics with computer has no limits, while symbolic mathematics without computer has severe limitations.

DigiMat offers all students with different capacities and interests on different levels a meaningful mathematics education preparing for the digital society in a  combination of mathematics and programming.

DigiMat gives the student an active role in exploring the World by mathematics + computer.

For all pupils, in particular for girls feeling lost in traditional formal mathematics education, DigiMat opens to a world of mathematics filled with life and play.

You are now invited to enter a journey the learn to describe-simulate-understand-control the World: Get Started.

  • It goes back to a st- or sp- root indicating a crash, the shock of impact. Studying and stupefying are in this sense akin: those who study are in the situation of people who have received a shock and are stupefied by what has struck them, unable to grasp it and at the same time powerless to leave hold. The scholar, that is, is always ‘stupid’. (Agamben in the Idea of Prose of the etymology of the word studium)
  • Ideally, I’d like to be the eternal novice, for then only the surprises would be endless. (Keith Jarret)