The Pythagorean Society believed that the World is constructed from the natural numbers 1, 2, 3,.., that is that The World is Digital. Find Pythagoras in the above School of Athens by Raphael, and then Euclide, Plato, Aristotle and Hypatia.

Why is there anything at all rather than nothing whatsoever? (Leibniz)

DigiMat is online education for the new digital society, developed by leading academic competence, in  

  • Digital Mathematical Simulation Technology 

based on the combination mathematics + computer. DigiMat offers a unified program from early school as DigiMat Pre through DigiMat School to DigiMat Pro for top professional level in     

  • science
  • engineering
  • production
  • digital game/simulator development
  • biology and medicine
  • artificial intelligence 
  • robotics, machine learning, digital twins

all being fundamentally transformed by new tools of simulation offered by digital mathematics.

DigiMat is both science for digital simulation and science with digital simulation. 

DigiMat School lifts school mathematics to undergraduate university level and beyond, and DigiMat Pro undergraduate to pro/graduate level.

DigiMat builds on the BodyandSoul Project and the FEniCS project and brings school mathematics into direct contact with the engine of the digital society in the form of formal mathematics as human mind/soul and body as computer.

DigiMat is a unique program building on a mantra as formulate-solve equation:

  1. Formulate mathematical models of the World using Symbolic Calculus in the form of differential-algebraic equations. 
  2. Simulate the World by solving the equations of the model by using Digital Calculus. 

Here 1. serves as input to the code for digital solution in 2.

Here is a Road Map to Reading.

Three steps to the Digital Society:

  • Pythagoras 5th BC: Numbers
  • (Euclide 3th BC -16th Dark Age: Geometry-Form)
  • Descartes-Leibniz-Newton 17th Enlightenment – : Differential Equations: Numbers 
  • von Neumann: Computer 1945 – : Digital Society: Numbers


Compare with Euclide constructing the World by ruler and compass (did not work).


Invented the (idea of) the Computer 1945


Suddenly everybody had a smart mobile.