Who Invented Calculus?

Newton’s Calculus is based on geometry and his notion of “fluxions”, while Leibniz’ Calculus is based onan algebra, a machine, for derivation and integration. Newton accussed Leibniz for plagiarism, and managed to get the Royal Society to set up a committee to pronounce on the priority dispute.

The report of the committee, finding in favor of Newton, was written by Newton himself, while Leibniz was kept out to give his version of the events. Leibniz was defeated to death, but Leibniz’ Calculus survived and iswhat we use today, while Newton’s fluxions are forgotten. See

We recall the beauty of Leibniz notation in his formulation of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus:

  • \int_a^b \frac{du}{dt}dt=\int_a^b du =u(b)-u(a).











Problem formulated and solved by Leibniz Calculus.



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