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Constructive vs Symbolic Calculus

The basic mathematics courses at university level consists of Calculus and Linear Algebra, which are closely connected and can be thought of as one subject with the objective of mathematical modeling of real and imagined worlds, which consists of (i) formulating and (ii) solving mathematical equations. A Standard Calculus text book, like Calculus: A Complete Course by Adams […]

MST Welcomes Chalmers Students

The BodyandSoul mathematics education reform program was offered to chemistry students at Chalmers 1998 – 2006, but was disrupted when Claes Johnson moved from Chalmers to KTH in 2007. BodyandSoul is now returning to Chalmers as its web version MST appearing as supplementary material in the mathematics program for mechanical and design engineering students. MST […]

Video Intro 7: Milestone of Mathematical Simulation

A milestone of mathematical fluid mechanics was reached in 2013 as Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) of the turbulent flow  of air around a  jumbo jet in landing configuration described by the (incompressible) Navier-Stokes equations, which gives a quality assessment of Mathematical Simulation Technology as an efficient combination of mathematics and physics e.g. opening to the […]

Video Intro 6: D’Alembert’s Paradox

Watch the Resolution of D’Alembert’s Paradox formulated in 1752 which was accomplished in 2008, after 256 years of fruitless struggle, by solving the Euler equations on a computer. Listen to d’Alembert formulating his paradox in 1752. Listen to what Nobel Laureate Sir Cyril Hinshelwood says about theoretical (mathematical) fluid mechanics vs practical  (experimental) fluid mechanics. Listen […]

Video Intro 5: New Theory of Flight

Watch a presentation of a New Theory of Flight explaining why birds and airplanes can fly, which results from solving the Euler equations on a computer. Learn about Incorrect Theories of Flight. Listen to what Richard Feynman says about the way Nature works. Discover the shocking truth about German Aerodynamics. Go to Video Intro 6.

Video Intro 4: Listen to Euler!

Listen to the master mathematician Leonard Euler (1707 – 1783) delivering the sad message that the solution of the equations describing all of fluid mechanics (the Euler Equations) which he formulated around 1750, has to be postponed until the Computer Age. (But now this Age is here!) Discover the truth about Potential Flow as Solution […]

Video Introduction 2

1. Learn about Pythagoras-gate, Matrix, Google and Digital Age.. 2. Watch Computational Technology Laboratory TV: 3. Go to Video Intro 3

Video Introduction 1

Here is the first in a series of videos introducing basic concepts, methods, tools and visions of Mathematical Simulation Technology in a short presentation of constructive calculus: Summary: Constructive calculus is classical calculus restricted by the limits of finite precision computation and augmented by the new capacities of automated computation by the computer. In constructive calculus, the elementary […]

Welcome to the Digital World: MST

Education is an admirable thing, but is is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. (Oscar Wilde) By denying scientific principles, one may maintain any paradox. (Galileo) An Important Decision Congratulations: You have decided to follow a Bachelors/Masters/PhD program in mathematics, computer science, science, engineering, economics or […]


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